What is a Brand? | stickyemail

What is a Brand?

A brand in StickyEmail is the contact details and signature for your sequence.  When you create your email sequence you can either create a new brand or use a previously created bran.

When you create your first sequence, you won't have an option to select a previous brand. This is also true for users who created sequences prior to June 27th.

You can have multiple brands, but you can only use one brand at a time on your email sequence.

A brand consists of the following elements. These elements can be changed and edited at any time.  Click here to learn how to Edit your Brand.

1. From Name: This is what shows at the start of the first email. Make sure if you would like this to show from your business you use a business name.

2. Business Name: The name of your business

3. Reply To Email: Use the email you would like to recieve replies to your sequence at. 

4. Your Mailing Address:  Please provide your physical mailing address in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations.  

5. Signature: You can add an image and edit the text to have links, italics and bold. This shows at the bottom of all emails in the sequence.